Arguments, Kings and Killers

Week 2:

Arguments, Kings and Killers

The enthusiasm that hits you head on when you enter Mr M’s classroom for Writer’s Guild never ceases to amaze me! There’s a certain pride I hold in taking part in such a vivacious and entertaining afternoon with my fellow writers and I hope they feel the same.

I’d like to give warm greetings to our latest members Jessica and Peter who didn’t let us down with their awesome writing skills and overall contribution to the afternoon.

Yesterday’s exercise provided a variety of obstacles whether in the form of arguments over story lines *cough* Andrew, Robert*cough* or putting aside the entertaining conversation to actually get some work done! We produced some amazing pieces for such a difficult exercise so snaps to everyone for the effort!

It isn’t easy to put yourself out there with your writing, never mind trying to mash it together with someone else’s to form a coherent whole but we did it! The task this week was to draw a random characteristic and create a character profile from it. After achieving this we were paired up and chose a random place in which our characters would have to interact with one another, each writer writing as their character. This produced a myriad of results from the humorous to the dark. Here are a few extracts (unchanged from their first drafts):

Peter(Athletic) – John /Mr M(Sporty) – Brad. Place: Lake

[John: I heard Brad’s faint voice calling my name, but something was wrong. His voice seemed to be getting louder. I looked up to see Brad plummeting towards me. I put my arms forward and caught him. “I told you I would catch you. Looks like my rugby training came into use!” I exclaimed, putting Brad back onto the ground.

Brad: I feel the weight of his body as i fall against him. The impact recalls the darkness and turmoil. “No, stop! Gooks!” I cry and fumble till i find John’s neck. My hands grip vice-like around the soft flesh and tighten. “Die you dog! Die!” I grip his throat until i feel him fall limp. ]

Motshabi(shy) – Alex/Jessica(Bubbly) – Nicole Place: Park

[Alex was sitting on the bench in the park. Surrounded by the sound of nature and the fragrance of the flowers infiltrating his nose. He was suddenly joined in his solitary confinement by Nicole.

“Hello.” Nicole said, sitting next to him on the bench. “What are you doing?” She had seen him sitting alone and wanted to change that.

He was surprised by her kindness and this made him reconsider his decision. Could he still proceed with the plan or would this meeting change everything?]

Andrew(calm) – Akira/Robert(humorous) – Joe. Place: School.

[Akira: What’s that in the sky?

Joe: a meteorite. OMG

Akira: Eh?

Joe: It’s going to hit the school.

Akira: So, I don’t like the school.

Joe: It’ll kill everyone.

Akira: I don’t like people.

Joe: Really. Well I’m going to push it away. 

Joe: I’m back. 

Akira: can’t believe you actually did it.

Joe: Well, I am a superhero.

Akira: You know, I could have just used my telekinesis to push that thing away. 

Joe: Why didn’t you? You don’t like justice?

Akira: Don’t really care about this justice and good thing. I could survive a meteor impact perfectly well.]


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